We care about our trimming services

Experienced hands, a trained eye, in-depth knowledge, craftsmanship and technological support. This is what our trimming facility is all about. Our highly experienced team carries out your order – be it simple or complex, everyday or customised – using three precise, fast-acting, professional-grade trimming machines.

What we can do

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Using CNC-controlled trimming machines, we are able to produce wooden structures such as roof joists, prefabricated stables or carports. We are also happy to handle sophisticated, individually designed timber structures. Thanks to precise planning, shared experience and a high level of prefabrication, we guarantee you the shortest set-up times without any risk of breakdown. Careful job preparation ensures proper machine control, precise cutting of structural timber with a fully automatic six-arbour saw and finishing and preparation for assembly; supplemented with additional materials to provide an all-in-one, pre-sorted package for delivery to your construction site. Individual, precise, fast and from a single source.

Discussion at the trimming machine

We handle wood cross-sections of between 20 x 40 mm and 300 x 625 mm, in lengths up to 16 metres. We also carry out further processing, such as drilling, milling, slotting, marking and labelling, and can add blind holes or countersinking by machine.

Carpentry and roofing firms and other trades value us as a competent and reliable partner and are convinced by the quality of our work. They also save time and resources, thanks to our CNC-controlled trimming. A number of long-standing customer relationships and partnerships confirm this.

We normally deliver within a radius of 200 kilometres (125 miles), but can also undertake, on request, nationwide or international special projects.

Trimming machine


Precise, fast and cost-effective: our powerful range of machinery makes quick work of your trimming orders.

Labelling of trimming products

Our IT-supported, state-of-the-art trimming line delivers top-class craftsmanship: dovetail joints.

When tradition meets technology, the familiar, beautifully shaped and extraordinarily strong dovetail joint is the result. These key elements of the classic carpenter’s craft are also used to hold together the main and secondary joists of roof structures, without any need for additional nails, screws or other metal items. The technology of our contract trimming line allows us to produce precisely machined, robust wooden components. As a member of the HIGH-TECH-ABBUND e.V. trade association, we conduct general building supervision approval for dovetail joints at the German Institute of Building Technology. Consistent quality management ensures that these claims are true and confirms them with annual inspections.

Dovetail joint trimming line

How you benefit

Are you a carpenter, roofer or practitioner of a similar craft? Then we are here to work hand in hand with you and relieve you of the tasks that our machines can carry out – quickly, cost-effectively and with great precision, leaving you with time to spare for your core activities. Take a good look at the benefits of our contract services!

1. Cost savings.

Contract trimming slims down your business operations by reducing investment and labour costs, thereby guaranteeing higher profit from the same turnover.

2. Optimisation of storage space and transport.

We deliver your components directly to the construction site. Flexibly planned and just in time for when you need your timber structure. Up to that moment, storage is our affair.

3. Cost-effective purchasing.

You can meet your timber requirements, including additional materials, more cost-effectively by buying directly from our sawmill, with an advanced, reliable price quotation from us.

4. Just in time.

We deliver on the agreed date, within a radius of 200 kilometres (125 miles), with a crane-equipped truck.

5. Time is money.

You can also leave job preparation, including the trimming and finishing of prefabrication panels, in our expert hands. This gives you extra freedom to take care of your core business and your customers.

6. Calculable cost-control.

Our dimensional plans and lists allow you to calculate costs accurately at the start of the project, and also to invoice your customers on time.

7. It sits well, it fits and has protection.

We can easily fulfil your high quality requirements, while assuming all risk of defects. All our components are cut to fit using a CNC machine, and can be supplied with DIN-compliant wood protection as an option.


Sanding of trimming products
Reference roof truss


From simple carports to complex roof structures: take a look at some of our previous contract trimming projects.

How we work with you

1. Discussion and detailed definition of the work to be completed

It all starts with a personal contact. Our customer-account managers accept your order and help you plan the next steps in your construction project. Your assigned contact person monitors the project from this point on and remains at your side throughout each stage of its progress. We jointly calculate the cost of your individually customised package of services. You can of course totally rely on the accuracy of this calculation and any additional arrangements that might apply.

Discussion of trimming project details

2. Job preparation

We have for many years been working with regular partners who transfer the architect’s or builder’s design to our machines. The high level of expertise of our job-preparation staff, their versatile experience and their flexibility when it comes to working with all common CAD programs all help to ensure first-class results. We use the resulting cross-sectional views, floor plans and 3D images to discuss the order in detail once again, prepare assembly plans, order any additional material that might be required and set delivery dates. The architect can of course still make last-minute adjustments at this time. We discuss every detail with you and your partners, resolve any difficulties that might arise and then incorporate all our long-standing experience in planning, job preparation and related activities (confirmed by the 15 million metres of contract trimming work supplied to date) into your project.

Job preparation for trimming and assembly projects

3. Production

We use our highly automated equipment – including Hundegger trimmers and Weinig planing machines – to start the job of cutting components to size. What makes us stand out? We can also handle, on request, the pre-assembly of joint components, impregnation or sanding work, and the surface-finishing of visible roof elements. We also supply matching profile panels, with or without suitable surface finish.

Insight in the trimming process

4. Packing and shipping

We label, mark and pack your components, including additional material such as OSB panels and gutter boards, in exactly the order in which you need to use them. Visible wooden structures are provided with edge protection and wrapped in stretch film to protect them when in transit. Your delivery arrives with a plan showing component numbers, assembly diagrams and dimensional lists, as part of a simple all-in-one package designed to provide you with everything you need. All you have to do is start the job.

Trimmed size wook on truck
Stacked round timber


Unsere hohen Ansprüche an die Qualität und Nachhaltigkeit unserer Produkte und Prozesse erfüllen wir regelmäßig.

As a natural raw material, wood is never perfect, so it requires a special passion for processing. This is what we bring to the table, by trimming your timber to size with a maximum tolerance of just half a millimetre.
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