The range of machinery at our disposal allows us to carry out both simple and complex tasks, according to your needs. As a member of the HIGH-TECH-Abbund e. V. trade association, we stand for cost-effective, accurate and rapid trimming, using the latest CNC-controlled cutting systems. Our versatile machines mesh together to form a perfect team, allowing us work as flexibly, precisely and as just-in-time as you require.

The heart of the facility is our powerful set of hundegger trimming machines

Hundegger K2i Robot

The Hundegger K2i Robot is a real all-rounder. This robot unit can handle up to 16 machine tools in as many as six dimensions. The K2i can precisely fulfil almost any requirement, by handling anything from simple roof joists to complex, laminated wooden structures. The K2i easily handles, with maximum precision and unprecedented versatility, wood cross-sections of between 20 x 50 mm and 300 x 625 mm, in lengths of up to 16 metres. It can be adjusted to all types of profiles – even if freely definable – and can mark and label the component using an inkjet system.

Hundegger SpeedCut

The sprinter that every team needs. Our Hundegger SpeedCut trims your rafters, cross-pieces or purlins to fit at maximum speed. This allows wooden building components to be cut to size rapidly in standard dimensions for the purposes of simple roof structures. The Speed-Cut machine also handles drilling, milling and other processes, such as slotting, marking and labelling. This machine allows us to process wood cross-sections of between 20 x 40 mm and 200 x 440 mm. Thanks to cutting optimisation, it can produce several components from a single length of raw timber – thereby conserving this valuable natural resource.

Cutting machine Hundegger Speed-Cut SC3

Hundegger TurboDrive

The Hundegger TurboDrive, with its extraordinarily high operating speed, is likewise an impressive high-performance cutting system. We use it to carry out all common cutting operations – such as trimming to size, drilling and rebating – quickly, precisely and in a single run.

Hundegger trimming machine Turbodrive

We can plane wood – in all sorts of ways!

Whether you need planed beams in cross-sections between 20 x 40 mm and 160 x 450 mm or wooden profiles of sophisticated design, our jointed planing heads rotating at 8,000 rpm ensure outstanding surface quality. Our two high-end Weinig Powermat 2000XL automatic profiling machines allow us to meet almost every customer requirement.

Do you require planing in widths above 300 mm? We also have solutions for this.