We acquire your logs

As a family-run company in a forest-rich country like Germany, we are keen to use, in a careful and sustainable way, the valuable resource that is wood. We also want to offer our customers the exclusively high quality that they expect from us. For this reason, we source from long-term partners who are, like us, totally convinced of the values of sustainable forestry.

At a glance

  • Our range of products includes spruce, fir, Douglas fir, larch and pine, supplied as logs and in individual sections.
  • We buy directly from the producer, in the shape of regional forestry companies based in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
  • We pay attention to high quality when selecting our round timber from the forest.
  • We select sustainably managed forests for the procurement of this round timber. This is confirmed by our certification to both PEFC and FSC standards.
  • We receive round timber from up to about 200 kilometres (125 miles) away.
  • Our sawmill, which carries out the next step, likewise consistently follows a sustainability protocol; all the way from the delivery yard to the packing plant. This is guaranteed by our high-quality, fully automated sawing and processing equipment, as well as by the recycling of wood by-products.

Would you like to supply us with round timber?

We are particularly interested in these qualities and types of wood:

Logs with bark

Wood type spruce, fir, Douglas fir, larch, pine
Grade B/C
Quality recently logged, healthy, straight
Thickness grades L2a - L4
Minimum length 6 m
Maximum length 20 m
Minimum top diameter 13 cm with bark
Maximum log diameter 68 cm with bark

Sections with bark

Wood type Fichte, Tanne
Grade B/C
Quality recently logged, healthy, straight
Thickness grades L2b - L4
Minimum length 4.00 m, 5.00 m, 6.00 m
Maximum length size plus 10 cm
Minimum top diameter 13 cm with bark
Maximum log diameter 68 cm with bark

Are you interested in the purchase of round timber?

We also sell round timber in various qualities, thicknesses and lengths.

Vue sur le parc à grumes
Around a thousand metres of timber pass through our handling yard every day. The timber is reduced at the bottom end, de-barked, electronically measured, cut to size and then packed in storage boxes on an order-specific basis.
Log trunks
We process long timber with a log diameter of up to 68 cm with bark. Measurement is calibrated in compliance with FSÜ guidelines.
Your contact for round timber procurement - Germany
Klaus-Peter Henk
Round timer procurement Germany
+49 2405 473 23 - 18
+49 172 2690 227

Your contact for round timber purchasing - international
Adrian Schmitz
Round timer purchasing international
+32 87765660
+49 173 1505669