Sawing timber for you

Whether you require square-cut timber, boards, laths or planks (and much more besides), Eigelshoven supplies the wood you need for your construction project, with the strength ratings, dimensions and quality specs that it demands. Made of local logs: fast, reliable and straightforward.

Sawn timber is our core competence

We manufacture high-quality dimension timber, custom-cut construction timber, bulk squared timber, planks and formwork, and also supply wood products to order for building and other applications. The completion of every order reflects our long decades of experience, as does the enthusiastic fulfilment of each task that you assign to us. Every board or beam is freshly sawn for your project. Thanks to our powerful sawmill technology, we can meet all requirements – whatever the sizes specified or quantities required.

Our timber meets the highest requirements with regard to stability and suitability for further processing, and naturally carries all the seals of approval required by construction law. A smart, highly automated sawing line allows us to meet your individual requirements to the letter, without wasting any of the valuable resource that wood constitutes. We can meet even special requests in a straightforward way.

Sawn timber is bundled

Sawn timber at a glance

  • Sorted to order by strength rating as per DIN EN 14081-1 on request
  • Stamped with the “CE” mark
  • Available wood species include spruce, larch and Douglas fir
  • Split-heart cutting available on request
  • We offer further processing

The right timber for your needs

The right raw material for your project

Robust wood products help you to achieve your goal: We supply timber classed by strength rating, for use in items such as wooden supporting structures, roof frameworks, building frontages, carports or garden sheds. The quality of our timber is of course subject to third-party monitoring. Our range also includes timber not classified by strength rating, and thus suitable for a wide range of other structural applications. We process softwood from sustainably managed local forests. Certification to PEFC or FSC standards is normally included, and we naturally maximise the utilisation of the timber that we use.

Just the quality that you were looking for

Your project requires timber products that you can build with, which fit perfectly into your plans and which offer a long life of service. We take all this into account, with our up-to-date automated sawmill facility, which guarantees you the lowest dimensional tolerances and highest surface quality, depending on your requirements regarding visible and non-visible surfaces. Our free-of-heart and split-heart cutting prevent cracks in the wood, and if you need to protect beams, boards or planks from such dangers as the action of damp or insect infestation, we can treat your timber to order with proven wood-protection products. The corresponding certifications and seals of approval guarantee you the desired quality.

Sawn timber finishing


Planed, dried, impregnated and much more besides: we give your sawn timber the finish it requires.

Coordination of staff during loading

Just when you need it.

Storage space is scarce and expensive. That is why we deliver your freshly sawn timber just in time for when you actually need it on site. We can also make partial deliveries and supply specially ordered goods for your customers at short notice. Carefully selected trade items complement our product portfolio, along with our in-house processing services. We can deliver to you directly within a radius of 200 kilometres (125 miles), using crane-equipped trucks.

Forklift truck loading a truck
Your Sales Contact - Germany
Wilfried Nollé
Sales Management
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Wilfried Nollé
Your contact for export deliveries
Felix Lauel
Managing director
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