Sawmill by-products

As a natural raw material, wood has a high value for us – including from the ecological perspective. We therefore ensure the maximum utilisation of our harvested and processed round timber. Our modern sawmill technology ensures that residues, such as the wood chips or bark left over after sawing and further processing, can be cleanly separated and put to proper use elsewhere.

Our range

You can choose from the following range of cost-efficient sawmill by-products:

Sawmill by-product wood chips
Wood chips without bark are suitable for the production of pulp, paper or chipboard, as well as fuel for wood-fired power plants.
Sawmill by-product sawdust
We regularly deliver sawdust and wood shavings to local stables for use as bedding litter, and also supply this material to manufacturers of wood pellets.
Sawmill by-product bark
For example, we deliver bark removed from round wood to bark mulch manufacturers and wood-fired power plants.
Sawmill by-product offcuts
Offcuts – i.e. the log fragments that result from the cutting to size of round timber - are ideally suited for the production of chipboard and OSB or MDF boards.
As an old saying (the German version of “You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs”) has it: “If you plane wood, you get shavings”. This is particularly true for the leftovers from our daily cutting and wood-processing operations, which let us keep up a steady supply of cost-effective sawmill by-products.
Felix Lauel, Managing Director
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Managing director
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