Planed, dried, impregnated and much more besides: We offer a wide range of finishes for timber components. You can rely on a highly trained, experienced team, innovative but tried-and-tested processes and our highly automated machinery of the latest generation. We carefully equip ourselves with finishing technology and consumables from reputable suppliers. This guarantees the quality that you demand for your construction project.

Member of staff closing the drying chamber
High-performance Mühlböck drying chamber
Fully automated Weinig planing machine
Detail of K2i trimming machine
Trimming and assembly at Abbundzentrum West
Dip-impregnation  green
Dip impregnation with high-quality wood protection products

These procedures are all at your disposal:

  • Kiln-drying of sawn timber in a high-performance drying chamber supplied by Mühlböck
  • Vacuum drying with a drier supplied by Brunner-Hildebrandt
  • Cutting and planing with fully automated planing machines sourced from Weinig
  • Dip and high-pressure impregnation with high-quality wood protection agents, supplied colourless or in brown or green
  • Heat treatment to help prevent the spread of pests (ICCP treatment)
  • Sorting by strength rating, carried out by trained and qualified employees
  • High-tech trimming and cutting to length with powerful Hundegger machines, designed to supply your project – quickly, cost-effectively and precisely – with anything from a simple roof truss to complex, six-layer wooden structures