What this means for you, the customer, is that we transform a natural raw material – with all its variants and properties – into high-quality timber and processed construction components with the precise dimensions, quality and surface finish that you require. How do we manage that? We rely on first-class equipment and flexible processes and are always ready to seize opportunities for further innovation.

Individuality and industrial technology

We focus on the wishes of our customers, however extraordinary they may be. For this reason, the entire operation at Holz Eigelshoven, from sawmill technology to further processing, and from ordering to packing, are geared toward maximum flexibility. This is how we are able to produce versatile products in different quantities and with consistently high quality.

We work with innovative sawmill technology supplied by EWD.

A fully automated double-arbour circular saw with six flexibly movable blades brings our processes to the highest technological level, while allowing for a wide range of individual customer requirements. Instead of planning machine setup times and configuring mechanical applications manually, our technicians are able to change the cutting profiles of machines during operation, at the touch of a button. The whole process is precisely geared to what you have ordered, whether you need a single item or a thousand cubic meters of sawn timber, all cut to the same size.

Do your timber products require further treatment? If they do, you can rely on our high-performance drying chambers designed to prevent discolouration and mould formation during (even long-term) storage, along with the very latest planing systems and a dip-impregnation process.

Control station in the sawmill

Innovation and willingness to invest

We do not hesitate for long when it comes to optimising our processes, refining our quality or lightening the tasks of our employees. Our understanding of plant investment encompasses a constant commitment to our tradition, to wood as a raw material, to our employees and – especially – to our customers.

For example: We have invested in an electronic system of 3D dimensioning, which produces virtually instant measurement readings for incoming deliveries of timber. Software working in the background then calculates how this round wood must be cut to be able to extract every single cubic inch of benefit from it. In a parallel process, the system automatically matches the dimensions and quality of the incoming round timber to those of pending customer projects. This IT-based method ensures maximum utilisation of timber, while conserving resources and reducing costs.

Our enthusiasm for innovative, fully automated manufacturing technology pays dividends for our customers. We fulfil individual sawn-timber requirements, at marketable prices and with reliably high quality.
Felix Lauel, Managing Director