We have the expertise

Holz Eigelshoven is a family-run wood processing company. Our modern, automated machinery facilitates the manufacture and processing of a wide range of wood products. Eigelshoven can count on a highly qualified and experienced team dedicated to supplying the best for you, our customer, at all times.

What we do

Gebr. Eigelshoven GmbH & Co. KG, to give the organisation its full official name, is a wood processing company specialising in softwoods. It is based in Würselen, near Aachen, in Germany’s North Rhine Westphalia region. Our combined sawmill and trimming facility processes around 200,000 cubic metres of round timber annually, converting it primarily into dimension timber, construction timber, bulk squared timber, planks, and formwork.

We export our wood products all over the world. Our proximity to the North Sea ports means that we have already been able to deliver successfully to the United States, North Africa, Australia and even the Pacific Islands. Our international customers appreciate the quality of our sawn timber, which is particularly suitable for use in the construction sector.

Interested? We know how to transport materials and have cost-effective ways of bringing Eigelshoven timber to you. Just call us.

Hand at the sawmill's control panel


We rely on first-class equipment and flexible processes and always seize opportunities for further innovation.

Member of staff at the sawmill's sorting plant
We are flexible and open to new markets but are at the same time pleased to have numerous regular customers, with whom we enjoy long-standing and often friendly business relationships. A sign of their high satisfaction.
Felix Lauel, Managing Director

What we stand for

As a fifth-generation family business with an existing commitment to timber from sustainable sources, we stand for consistency and tradition; as well as for innovation and the future. How do we manage that? Through personal commitment, flexibility and our willingness to fulfil even the highest demands of our customers to perfection. Our numerous relationships with small, regional customers and large, international business partners alike, which have grown over years and even decades, prove our success in this respect.

Clogmaker Gottfried Eigelshoven


The fifth generation of timber merchants – from artisanal craftsmanship to fully automated industry

Management of the Eigelshoven company

Where we are headed

We intend to stay on the move, for our customers and employees alike. This will allow us to stake our claim to the future. We see ourselves as an innovative industrial organisation relying on modern production technologies and processes, with continuous investment to match. As a family business, we share certain common values with our approximately 100-strong workforce. These include a respect for wood as a material, and a commitment to sound, responsible corporate management. This allows us to pave the way for our company’s future security. It also ensures that you, our valued customer, are offered precisely crafted, high-quality timber products at a reasonable price. On into the future.

Managing directors at a routine working day outside on the site

How we live up to our responsibilities

Holz Eigelshoven’s existence over several generations clearly reflects the forestry sector that supplies its raw materials, in the sense that we are now harvesting the trees that our grandparents planted. We appreciate wood, with its decades of growth and history, as a natural and sustainable raw material, and take good care to make proper use of this valuable resource, without losing anything on the way.

For example: A carpeting of twigs from the branches of harvested trees protects the sensitive forest soil during logging and then remains as part of the ecosystem. The crown of the tree – normally of a quality insufficient for use as construction timber – goes into paper production, while its trunk ultimately reaches us as round timber, which we then saw into items such as square-cut timber and planks. Chips of waste from our sawmill are passed on to the paper industry, while we deliver bark to bark mulch manufacturers and sawdust to horse stables. We thus make use of every cubic inch and fibre of the tree – not to mention the many decades of future life that lie in store for items such as roof trusses.

Our company is almost 150 years old, so long-term thinking is in our genes. It is for this reason that we are already considering which types of wood are to be processed into which products over the coming decades, as we align our know-how and machine technology to match. All this sums up what we understand as sustainable economic management, whether it be for our local region, our climate or for future generations.

View from the round-timber crane onto the sawmill entrance

With our participation in the German initiative "KLIMASCHUTZ HOLZINDUSTRIE" (CLIMATE PROTECTION WOOD INDUSTRY), we voluntarily commit ourselves to having our CO2 emissions regularly reviewed and to reducing them wherever possible. Unavoidable emissions are offset by the targeted promotion of climate-friendly projects that save the corresponding amount of the carbon dioxide generated elsewhere.

Stacked round timber

The stamp of quality

Find out more about the certification requirements that we meet in our quest for quality and sustainability.

A sense of responsibility for the environment in general and for sustainable forestry in particular is a basic tenet where our family firm is concerned. We have long been certified both to PEFC standards and the stipulations of the FSC.
Rolf Eigelshoven, Managing Partner