Eigelshoven – an industrial enterprise that has developed over more than 100 years

We have applied passion and commitment to transforming our organisation, which is now in its fourth generation of family ownership, into a sustainable industrial enterprise. The Eigelshoven sawmill produces high-quality structural timber, dimension timber, bulk squared timber, planks and covering timbers. A carefully-selected series of commercial products completes our range. Our production plant, which occupies some 70,000 square metres of floorspace, processes approximately 200,000 fm of coniferous timber every year, of which 80% is spruce or fir, and 20% redwood such as pine, larch and Douglas fir.

Our approach is simple to summarise: as a family-run company, we think and act as if we were our customers’ partners, because your success is also the long-term guarantee of our own prosperity. Our mission is to supply our customers with top-quality woodworking services; our vision is to lead the way in terms of quality.